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Signet Creative offers many services in addition to managing and recording our talented people.  We also have become quite experienced at recording and mastering foreign language recordings in our studios.  We have a number of local voices in various languages who are available to record in our studio with your script.  In addition, we also have links to many translators who are available to transform your English script into another language, or your foreign language script into English.

Signet quotes a flat rate for most foreign language productions and we are quite competitive.  You always receive the same high quality audio recorded in one of our acoustically-balanced studios.

Please feel free to call and discuss your needs.  We may be able to help you dazzle your clients.


Call Da Marie Boyer at (248) 443-2446 or: (U.S. only) (800) 636-1595

Email: DaMarie88@SuperVO.com

CLICK HERE for a sample of some of the many foreign language recordings we have done at Signet.

Foreign Languages Available:*

arabia  Arabic

china   Chinese

france  French

italy  Italian

korea  Korean

poland  Polish

portugal  Portuguese

russia  Russian

spain  Spanish

sweden  Swedish

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*Contact us for availability of these and any unlisted languages